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Linpark High School
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Accounting and Business Studies

Students go on regular excursions and workshops are held to facilitate subject knowledge.

Workshop subjects are taught in well equipped workshops, where emphasis is on practical experience. Safety is of high importance and we are ISO accredited. Grade 8 classes are able to familiarise themselves with machinery and basic principles by making simple projects in technology.

Subjects A to D

Civil Technology
This subject covers the theory and practical aspects of structures, aimed at increasing the number of people entering the fast growing building trade. It equips the learner with vital knowledge and practical abilities needed to be a useful part of any structure or business.

Consumer Studies
We have a fully functioning kitchen. Cooking is done on a regular basis. New recipes are tried and tested by the learners.

Computer Applications Technology
Linpark offers Computers in Grade 8, and 9 and Computer Applications Technology (CAT) in Grades 10, 11 and 12. We have an air-conditioned computer lab with full Internet access and printers.