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Linpark High School
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Linpark High - Class of 82

Class of 1983
Class of 1983 Linpark High School

Class of 83 Linpark High School

Linpark Matrics 1997

Linpark High School Matric Ball 2014

Linpark High School Class of 1995-1997

Reunion Linpark Matrics 1998



Matrics of 2001 Linpark Reunion

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Linpark Class Of 1994
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Linpark High School 1977
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Linpark High School

Class of 2004


Let us know of any other links on Facebook! It would be great to have one for each year.


A Class of 86 student has requested class pictures to be published in our gallery. We will look into this. Anybody with class photos - we would be grateful if you sent them to info@targetwebsites.co.za to be shared on this site! Thank you for the suggestion!

A Class of 63 THS student would like to make contact with anyone from his years (1959 to 1963)  or any girls from the sister school (Commercial High) at that time who is interested in sharing news. Drop us an email and we’ll put you in contact.

Joos, a Class of 94 student who was also a boarder, is living in Australia. Anyone else from Class of 94 out there?

David van Coller says “I have only met 3 class of 72 students since finishing school and they are Harald Schirge, Roland Hill and Edgar Buhr. It would be great to hear from other students as to where they are living now, and how they getting on with their lives.”
Jaco/Jasper Steenkamp class of 1993 died in 1997. His daughter is looking for his friends from back then.

Class of 1978 - Anyone else out there? Any facebook page availablle? Hendrik Potgieter would like to connect.

Sifiso Nzimande - Old 2008 Student - is looking for other 2008 students. Drop
us a note and we’ll put you in touch.

Roman Wojcik started at THS in 1974 (Std 8)and matriculated at Linpark in 1976. Any Class of ‘76 out there?


Hello class of "98".  Would love to hear from some of you and how you are. Tarryn Mackenzie

Charl Slabbert says “Good day all!”

Deon Marx made contact - Class of 86

Tarryn Schoeman - Class of 80 photos?

DESMOND ZAMANI DLAMINI is looking for class of 2001/2002

My sincere heart felt condolences to Jasper Steenkamps daughter. Class mate of 1993. Now based in Australia.

Deon Becker


Darryl  MacKay says: “Good day to Ms. Ward, staff and pupils.”
To the Grade 8 pupils:
“You are starting out to decide your career. Make a good choice and you will have a profession you will love doing. Make a bad choice and you will have a job you hate. “
To the Grade 12 pupils:
“You have pretty much made your mark on the school, now go out into the real world and make your mark there. One and all remember that you are the architect of your future.”

Gavin Buss made contact - Class of 77

Miles Boshoff made contact. He was at Linpark from 1989 to 1991.

Siyanda Luthuli contacted us from “the elite class of 2002”.

2015 marks the 30 year anniversary for the Class of 1985. Could students from this year please contact me as we are investigating a possible reunion. Sharon Taylor (nee Coetzee)



Wayne Volschenk writes “What a mission trying to find people!”

Travis Frank wrote: Hi people where are u guys hiding? My contact number is 0835260216 for those who want to keep in contact or meet up one day.

Kim Brook (Lumsden) wrote:

To the class of “98”... I trust you are all well. Any ideas on a Reunion? Would be great to see how all of you are doing!

To the current and future matrics, do research on your desired career, look at stats and make the right choice. You may not think this is important but all you need is the drive to want to succeed and you will go far. If you can’t afford to study after school, look at the SETA website, they offer learnerships (12 months free studies, stipend allowance & give you the opportunity for experience during your practical) for various career fields. I work for the ADCORP Group - Paracon SA (Pty) Ltd, and its shown me that you can be successful but it all starts with you.

Gary Meyer - Class of 1980 requested gallery updates by matric year. Please all contribute.

Wendy Blacker wrote: I’m looking for photos from 1990-1995. Anybody able to help her? Us too?

Hi Guys, any boys from the 1970 matric class out there? Back then we were in the old school in Church Street. Please get in touch with me, living in Boksburg since leaving school. Please call me on 082 481 6807. Krdgs (Koekoes)

Fred Pieterse seeks to link up with Bronwyn Walden and family - class of 1979.

Astrid Bester wrote: I was std 6 in 1983 - never got to finish that year at Linpark - but it was the best time of my life
I’m looking for my classmates : Charlotte, Gerda, the VanHerbst twins
some guys Reinier van der Nest; Skippie
My Mom taught at Linpark Maude Bester
Her email is BesterKate@gmail.com

Mine is Astridsworld@hotmail.com

Dave Scholtz: Class of 1980 writes:
Gary Meyer please contact me….Contact number +27 824164815 or email me at


All past pupils from 1978 to contact jenny@antonkoch.co.za

We would like to organise a reunion.